3 Days Training on Youth Social Entrepreneurship

The NGO World under its prohect” Institute of NGO Leadership & Management”(INGOL&M) successfully completed three days training on Youth Social Entrepreneurship (Jan 30_Feb 01) in District Rawalpindi. 22 participants learned about the concept and were enabled to create innovative ideas of establishing Social Enterprises. On third day they presented the solutions to the identified problems of their respective communities.

The NGO World training team was quiet satisfied with the outcomes of three days because we find couple of youth projects which have powerful idea behind them and can be an intevention of changing lives of target groups of people by extending little support and guidance. Youth Social Entrepreneurship Workshops is a continuous program of the INGOL&M of youth engagement in positive, constructive and productive activities. Hidden potential of youth is explored, refined and directed to bring valuable change in society.

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