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Be experienced before sitting in an interview.


“The NGO World” offers internship opportunities to PAKISTAN YOUTH (PATH) including students of different fields who will be completing their studies in near future or have recently graduated and looking for job opportunities.  Program offers a wide range of opportunities for interns to gain insight in the administrative and social & development programs of TNW and partner organizations.


The objective of offering internship is to prepare the PAKISTAN YOUTH (PATH) for competitive job market while strengthening their technical, professional and career development skills.

Limitations: minimum 20 years of age and at least 16 years of education.

Duration: The minimum duration of internship is 12 weeks, extendable up to 24 weeks maximum based on location, organizational and professional needs. Candidates who may perform well may transition to long term full time contractual job at TNW or partner organizations if available.


General Coaching:

In addition to learning through these on-the-job training activities, the interns will also be offered classroom training/coaching sessions to help them improve their own skills to better prepare as future professionals.  Classes / coaching sessions may include various skills like, CV /Resume writing, Interview Techniques, Basic Computer skills, Communication skills, Leadership, Team Work and Project Management.


Areas for internship:

Internship opportunities are available in following areas;

  1. Finance and Admin
  2. Effective Use of ICTs
  3. Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting
  4. Fundraising/Resource Mobilization
  5. Education & Literacy
  6. Poverty Alleviation
  7. Islamic Microfinance
  8. Livestock Management
  9. Rural Development
  10. Income Generating Skills for Women
  11. Awareness Raising
  12. Trainings & Capacity Building
  13. Marketing and Promotion
  14. Networking and Sharing
  15. Youth Development



Internship opportunities are available at following locations;

  1. Islamabad
  2. Multan
  3. Khanewal
  4. Karachi



  • Improve your CV with an professional experience
  • Gain valuable knowledge and experience in the field of charity operations and development
  • Develop skills such as people management, communication, reporting as well as leadership
  • Play an effective role towards development of the communities in need
  • Meet new people and experience working in an environment with professionalism and innovation



Successful interns will be awarded with certificates. But be sure that TNW will evaluate the following aspects to declare the interns successful:

  • Punctuality and regularity
  • Learning attitude
  • Meeting assignment targets and deadlines
  • Participation in classes and coaching sessions
  • Report preparation and submission


Experience you need:

No previous experience required- we are looking for flexible and motivated people who are able to work with limited support. Candidates will be interviewed to judge their suitability for the role.


Duration of internship Deadline for Application
June 16 – Aug 16 29th  May 2016
  • This is non-paid internship opportunity
  • Limited number of internees are required


For information…

For any query or information email at:

or contact Mr. Habib Sultan at 03007224469

How can you apply?

  • You are invited to complete an Application form for internship. This questionnaire includes providing details about your education and experience. You will also be able to indicate the area of work within TNW that you are hoping to intern.
  • You will also be asked to write about your motivation for applying for a TNW Internship.
  • After evaluation of your application an invitation letter will be sent to the selected interns.


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