Proceedings of “The NGO World” Youth Convention 2011

A Step Towards Better Future

Date: 27th August 2011

Venue: District Press Club Khanewal

Time: 2:00pm to 6:45pm


  1. Geo Pak Volunteers Organization;
  2. Waseb
  3. Weekly Shab-o-Roz

Chief Guests:

Mr. Farhat Shah – Chief Executive (Farz Foundation – Lahore)


The NGO World convened Youth convention at District Press Club – Khanewal Pakistan. The convention was inaugurated by Mr. Zafar Iqbal – Executive Director, The NGO World foundation.

The convention proved to be a success courtesy participation(more than 260) by youth representatives from different districts of Pakistan. Delegates from Districts Layyah, Muzafar Gharh, Jhang, Multan, Khanewal, Lahore and Wahari participated in the convention.

Speakers from different fields of life delivered their speeches encouraging youth to take steps in development of Pakistan. Youth was encouraged to take an active part in community development.

Success stories were shared by participants inducing youth to take initiatives in positive and constructive activities. Motivational speeches were also delivered by different participants.

In group work session youth participated actively and presented their findings and recommendations.

An introductory lecture about upcoming 03 days workshop on “Youth Social Entrepreneurship” was delivered by representative from YES-Network Pakistan.

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