Distribution of food items and NFIs in RAMADAN 2011

The Holy Month of Ramadan brings joy and happiness in the life of every Muslim. During this month, the Mercy and Blessings of Allah Subhanaho Wa Ta’ala is being descended upon us continuously. This month rejuvenates the spirit of care and sharing the wealth at its highest levels with those who are under-privileged in Muslim Society. As every one does not possess the affluence, so, Allah SWT has asked the Muslims, to share His Blessings with those who are less fortunate and living their lives below the lines of poverty.

During the month of Ramdhan, in general Muslims have the trend to spend too much for the fasting. The poor segment of the community also wishes to celebrate the spirit of Ramdhan but it becomes a dream for them. “The NGO World” with support of Deniz Feneri (Turkey) shall try to provide a Supplementary food packages for one month ration for those poorest amongst the poor, widows, orphans and disables families so that they will celebrate the month of Ramadhan with same spirit and joy along with other fellow brother and sisters.



Description Quantity   Per Head Unit
Wheat flour 20 Kg
Rice 2.5 Kg
Sugar 5 Kg
Pulses (Dall Channa and Mong) 2 Kg
Meezan Banaspati / Cooking Oil 2.5 Liter/Kg
Dates 1 Kg
Jame-e-Shirin 0.8 M/L
Saweyyan 3 Packets
Biscuits 1 Kg
Salt 1 Kg
Red Chilli 0.25 Kg
Tea 0.25 Kg
Total Cost of the Food Commodities


Initially 500 families will benefited by this package

If you want to contribute in this campaign of helping poor please contact us

Ph: +92-300-6718562

Email: thengoworld@yahoo.com

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