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Nonprofit Leadership & Management Workshop

28 senior officials of 20 organizations successfully completed the four days training workshop jointly organized by The NGO World (INGOLAM) and SESRIC (OIC)

The NGO World (TNW) Pakistan on platform of “Institute of NGO Leadership And Management (INGOLAM) organized a 04 days training workshop “Effective Leadership & Management for Development Organizations” in Islamabad from 2nd May 2017 to 5th May 2017.

The need for this training was identified through TNW’s experience in implementing capacity and networking building programs. The need for organizing a workshop on “Effective Leadership & Management for Development Organizations” was further reinforced when TNW’s coordinator received a very positive response from its partner organizations to attend the training workshop. It also showed that there is a continuing need for capacity building in NGOs throughout Pakistan, even in organizations identified as lead change agents. To fill the leadership & management gaps of NGOs, a four-day residential workshop on “Effective Leadership & Management for Development Organizations” was conducted from 2nd May 2017 to 5th May 2017 at Islamabad. A total of 28 working professionals from 20 different NPOs/CSOs /CBOs benefited from the workshop.

The workshop helped the participants in broadening their horizons and helping them attainsmooth transition to a bigger scale organization. The major focus of the workshop was on leadership roles & strategic planning, managing programs, relationships withstakeholders, team building,resource mobilization & sustainability, support functions and managing human and financial resources, as well asother relevant topics. The workshop enabled NGO’s leaders to learn theiractual role and to improve managerial and structural areas of theirorganization. The purpose of the training workshop was toprovide all participants with practical knowledge, skills, methods and tools that they could applyin the transformation of their own organizations. The training workshop also provided an excellent opportunity to foster networkingbetween participants and exchange of experiences and approaches.

The program gave participants the skills necessary to respond to the complex challenges and opportunities facing their organizations and communities. Designed as an experiential leadership lab, this program provided a stimulating and supportive climate for exploring the pressing issues facing current and future nonprofit leaders.

The training workshop was supported by, The Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC), a subsidiary organ of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

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A delegation from JICA visited ZEST Schools Project Karachi

March 20, 2017: A delegation from JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) visited ZEST Schools Project karachi (ZEST for changing lives). Delegates examined the different aspects of the non-formal schooling and sessions of awareness campaign. Senior JICA officials appreciated the efforts of THE NGO WORLD team managing the said project.
Delegation was comprised of;
– Professor Kiichi Oyasu, Okayama University Japan
– Chiho Ohashi, Chief Advisor, AQAL project, JICA Pakistan
– @Abid Gill, Deputy Chief Advisor, AQAL project JICA Pakistan
– Mr. Younus Chadar, Education Specialist, AQAL project, JICA Pakistan
– Gulnaz Jabeen, Coordinator, Sindh region, AQAL project, JICA Pakistan
Project Manager ZEST, Sardar Shakeel Akash briefed the JICA officials about details of the project.

Gift: To Deliver Smiles – Qurbani Pakistan 2016

“It is not their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah: it is your piety that reaches Him: He has thus made them subject to you that ye may glorify Allah for His guidance to you: and proclaim the Good News to all who do right”.

Eid-ul Adha 2016 Pakistan:
TNW slaughtered 1255 large animals (cows) and distributed meat gifts among more than 45000 deserving families. Support by TURKISH brothers for sending the gifts was acknowledged and appreciated on all levels. Support by TNW team, volunteers, activists, government officials especially security departments and ultimately those who raised their hands for prays made the event successful. Slaughtering points were managed in Karachi, Khanewal, Vehari and Ziarat.

Awareness on issues of health & hygiene

This is part of awareness campaign launched for children and women of slums (ZEST schools target community)

As first step of health & hygiene awareness campaign we conducted training of 25 masters’ trainers on 16-18 August 2016 in a ZEST School established in Goth Ali Akbar Shah. In the 03 days training, our facilitator Ms. Somaira Kiani Delivered lectures and presentation on various aspects of health and hygiene including issues of personal hygiene, home based cleanliness and environment. She managed different activities for practical demonstration of the issue and solutions related to health & hygiene. Participants were also engaged in group work and were prepared as effective trainers for the women and children. Participants also prepared their session plans and schedule to be delivered among their target children and women

In second step our master trainers started their session with ZEST students and women living around their schools. Every master trainer will aware 100 target audience in 03 sessions as a result 2500 women will and children will be benefited by the campaign on said topic  during the month of august 2016..

In feedback our team came to know that this is first time, these women and children are given such valuable information to improve their lives by adopting principals of health and hygiene in their routine life.

Awareness Campaign for Women and Children in Slums

Awareness to 2500 (women & children) by 25 ZEST schools teachers in four months on 04 different topics in Karachi (slum)

The NGO world will manage awareness campaign for the ZEST target community in Karachi. On purely need basis, we have selected 04 most urgent topics/issues and started to deliver awareness sessions to 2500 target beneficiaries with main focus on children and women.

Purpose of the campaign in target community is; to highlight the most critical social issues being faced and giving them knowledge & solution related information that will lead to improve their own and family lives.

This campaign will be concluded in 04 months (AUG to NOV 2016)

Important points:

  1. We shall train our ZEST school’s teachers (25) as master trainers on the said topic by giving them 03 days training by our expert team.
  2. 25 ZEST teachers (Master Trainers) will hold 03 session with their target community including 40 students of their own ZEST school and 60 women from surrounding houses of ZEST school. So overall Every ZEST teacher will give awareness sessions to 100 audiences.
  3. On single topic total 2500 audience will get benefit of the sessions by our 25 teachers in a month.
  4. Audio-Visual aids, posters and other relevant awareness material will be used to share information and deliver the message effectively


  • 25 ZEST teachers will become resource for community (master trainer on 04 different topics)
  • 2500 participants/community members (women, children) will benefit from this campaign (04 topics) and their learning will help them to live a better life.

1st batch of PATH internship program completed successfully

PATH (PAKISTAN YOUTH) program team of The NGO World has successfully completed the 1st batch of PATH internship program. In this three months internship program we were having internees from media, economics, development studies, IT, sociology, MBA, CA, and MBBS departments of different institutions. They spent their hours in INGOLAM training sessions, PATH lectures and Coaching Sessions along with practical assignments.

On 26th August, PATH team arranged a certificate distribution ceremony at TNW Islamabad in which Mr. Atiq Mirza (Program Director @ INGOLAM) handed over certificates to the successful internees and delivered words of wisdom to them. Ms. Somaira kiani (Program Coordinator @ RIDA) also joined the ceremony.

Mr. Usama Chitrali (Program Assistant @ PATH) appreciated the internees on showing learning attitude, practicing discipline and following the SOPs of TNW during the course of their program.

The feedback of the interns is encouraging for PATH team to start new internship sessions in coming months.

Summer Training Program 2016 Islamabad- Executed Successfully

Intro: Summer Training Program was consisted of 32 Training sessions and was delivered in 16 working days. Total 224 persons were benefited from 12 different organizations.

Institute of NGO Leadership & Management (INGOLAM); Is one of the core program/initiative of The NGO World. The institute is working on the development of organizational capacity & individuals of NGO sector. INGOLAM has already delivered number of trainings on different areas of need of NGO sector including social mobilization, project proposal development, fundraising, use of social media, poverty alleviation, project management, youth social entrepreneurship, disaster management etc. Services of quality & seasoned trainers/facilitators are available to INGOLAM who has capacity to strengthen the organizations and groom the professionals to enhance their output for ultimate benefit of their target communities.

Detailed report:

Ramadan Pakistan 2016

Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı (TDV) in collaboration with THE NGO WORLD (TNW) managed Ramadan program to deliver smiles on the faces of deserving people during happy moments of the holy month. TDV supported TNW to distribute food packs (60,000 KG ) among 1500 deserving families and organized Iftar parties for 1000 persons.
For this purpose three officials of TDV visited Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Jhang, Khanewal and Vehari districts and met with the beneficiaries and shared greetings from Turkish people. Local authorities and communities appreciated the effort and conveyed note of thanks for the officials of TDV and other concerned stakeholders.
On completion of the campaign Mr. Zafar Iqbal (ED@THE NGO WORLD ) expressed his feelings; “We are thankful to the Turkish friends especially management of TDF for their generous support towards people of Pakistan. We acknowledge and appreciate the love, affection and support of Turkish brothers and sisters on every occasion of need”.

A Day with Kasibs (01 May 2016) Workers Day

Barkat Project team spent the day with local agriculture workers regarding 1st may 2016. Purpose was to acknowledge and appreciate their services to bring ease for others by putting themselves in hard.

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