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Development-orientated Psychosocial Care for Communities Affected by Disasters

This Program is implemented by “The NGO World” in District Layyah with the help of “Basic Needs” and “HANDS“.

Objectives of Program:

  1. To   design, develop and implement psychosocial care programmes with communities affected by disasters
  2. To  use animation skills and techniques for providing psychosocial care to disaster-affected communities
  3. To provide clinical support in  psychosocial care to disaster-affected communities

The intended end results will be better responses to the mental health needs of disaster-affected communities

Major Components are as under:

05 Days Training to volunteers

Training to Local 140 volunteers in field

Awareness Campaign in villages

Orientation to local influential’s

Identification of mental ill people

Please click here to see the full Report on Psycosocial Care activities by The NGO World

Psyco Social Care in Flood Affected Areas

The NGO World in collaboration with HANDS and Basic Needs, has started a project on Psyco-Social Care in flood affected areas of Pakistan.

Psyco Social Care Project Brochure

Psyco Social Care Project Brochure

The detailed workings are shown in following slides. Please click on an image to start the slideshow.

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