World NGO Day 2015 – Pakistan

27th February 2015. Representatives of more than ——— NGOs (local & international) all across Pakistan gathered at NCRD Islamabad to celebrate World NGO Day 2015. This was second event in row since 2014 when The NGO World celebrated the day in Pakistan. The NGO World managed following different types of activities to celebrate the day.

  1. A Conference with sessions on different important aspects especially, sustainability issues of NGOs, effective use of ICTs & social media by NGOs and challenges to the sector. Experienced NGO practitioners, experts, consultants, social workers and representatives of regulatory bodies delivered their thoughts and shared experiences on above mentioned topics.
  2. The NGO world launched an updated directory of 555 NGOs titled as Greater Good.
  3. Different NGOs, service providers, institutions and consultancy firms displayed their innovative projects in the exhibition managed there.
  4. As an outcome of the event different organizations, firms and institutions signed mutual MOUs, agreements and joined hands to deliver for betterment of society by complementing each other.
  5. Organizations demanded UN to include the day in its calendar to be celebrated every year as an acknowledgement to the exceptional work done NGO sector.

“Islamabad Declaration for Greater Good” 

Most important component of the event was that participating organization agreed on a 20 point agenda that is infect guidelines for the NGO sector to deliver effectively for the target communities and earn a good name for not only the social sector but also for the beloved homeland.

Download Declaration Draft


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