ZEST (ZakaUllah Educational Scholarships & Trainings) programme is launched to support poor/oppressed but talented students, leading towards a programme to empower the beneficiary students enabling them to perform as change agent resulting in their respective families social status uplift.

Through this programme we aimed to:

  • Stop drop outs of talented students before matriculation.
  • Motivate them to continue their educational quest by awarding scholarships and fulfilling their educational needs without damaging their self esteem and dignity.
  • Reduce the pressure on students to lend hand in small earnings by parents and quitting school.
  • Interventions to sustain the livelihood of parents of the beneficiary students.
  • Ensure quality education by delivering teacher’s trainings and improving infrastructure.
  • Acknowledgement and appreciation for the teachers against their exceptional educational services for the future of the nation.

The program is entitled with the name of a respected & devoted teacher (Rtd.) Mr. Zaka Ullah who enlightening his students throughout his life with a devotion & dedication.

  • Initially the required resources are provided by the old pupils of Mr. ZakUllah on limited scale but they are committed to enhance the circle of ZEST services on broader scale.
  • TNW is hopeful that ZEST will contribute to lessen the effects of all types of poverty, discrimination, oppression and suppression prevailing in the society.
  • ZEST is launched from a school of tehsil Shorkot (District Jhang) with plans to expand it in the whole region.

TNW provided uniforms, stationary, books and assisted in paying tuition fee to the deserving students. We supported 2464 students of 30 institutions so far.


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